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  • Phone : 00905494231221
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The treatment plan and counseling process starts as soon as the medical information and examination results are sent by contacting TİMAH Consultancy Health Tourism Coordinator. You can see our health services step by step below.

•We plan and manage the pre and post-operative treatment process of our patients
•When our patients send their medical information and examination results, they are evaluated by our specialist doctors in the field and a special treatment plan is prepared and the patient is informed.
•The patient will have the opportunity to quickly access the medical assessments of the physicians.
•The patient's condition is evaluated within 48 hours and he or she will be contacted.
•Patients can compare all alternative price options for treatment and select the most appropriate option for their budget.
•Flight tickets are bought by TİMAH Consultancy or patient depending on the patient's request.
•If the patient's health is not conducive to air travel, the patient is planned to be taken by ambulance at the border.
•To ensure the patient's safety and comfort, his or her transfer and hotel accommodation is organized during his or her time in Turkey.
•When the patient arrives in Turkey, one of our patient representatives will meet the patient at the airport and transfer to the hotel or hospital.
•The patient is given a telephone line to be used during the treatment.
•With the help of TİMAH Counsultancy assistants, any kind of possible communication problems are solved.
•TİMAH Consultancy makes all necessary organization for the patient to leave the hospital on the day of discharge.
•The patient is informed about the control appointments and post-operative care before leaving the hospital.
•After the patient returns to his country, TİMAH will be contacting the patient for post-treatment care.
•All treatment processes of the patients are followed up by TİMAH Counsultancy team and patients and patient relatives are informed regularly.

TİMAH Consultancy arranges the hospital, treatment options and price alternatives and all other researches requested for the treatment of your illness and shares all alternatives with you. We, Timah Consultancy, cooperate with the most appropriate institution and doctors for your health in Turkey. We organize the follow-up of your official procedures, accommodation, transportation etc. before and during the treatment. You can contact us to get detailed information and service from the communication tab. 

You can reach us 24/7 with our contact information.

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