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Medical tourism is a set of treatment practices intended for tourists who have a specific disease, usually planned by physicians in 2nd and 3rd level health institutions and organizations. Medical tourism is also referred to the travel of tourists outside the country in order to receive treatment and rehabilitative health services. These health services cover a wide range of diseases, including dental diseases, aesthetic surgery, in vitro fertilization, obesity control, and cardiovascular surgery. In addition to the health services received by the tourist; recreation and leisure activities are another dimension of medical tourism. Other medical procedures that require surgical treatment and specialization for therapeutic purposes and therapeutic applications for healing are considered within the scope of medical dimension. It is possible to say that medical tourism is the result of common goods and services production of medicine and tourism sector. 

The main reasons of health tourism can be listed as; dissatisfaction with local health services, high cost of health services and insufficient coverage of health insurance, increase in health service quality in developing countries, bioethical applications, demanding health services and tourist activities together, increasing demands in aesthetic surgery. High costs, long waiting times, the desire to receive higher quality services are among the reasons of international access to medical treatment in medical tourism. The first components of a good medical tourism target are the quality standard of health services, access to service providers, technology, facilities and specialization.

Some treatments for medical tourism are given below:

•Further Treatments (Cardiovascular Surgery, Radiotherapy, CyberKnife, etc.)
•Infertility (IVF applications)
•Plastic Surgery
•Eye, teeth, dialysis Treatments etc.

As Timah Consultancy working with the professional and experienced team of doctors, we provide pick-up service with the highest standards in an effective and economical methods of treatment for the foreign patients who prefer Turkey for health tourism.

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