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“Work Permit” must be obtained by foreing staff to be employed in turkey.

The application for authorization is made by the reference number taken from the Turkish Representatives abroad, to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Foreigners with valid residence permit at least 6 months (except for residence permits for educational {Undergraduate education}purposes)  in Turkey can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor. Foreigners who are in this situation do not need to apply for a ”work visa”

Reference is made by the employer in Turkey providing the following criteria

  • 5 (five) Turkish employees for each foreign employee working,
  • At least 100,000 TL of the paid-in capital or,
  • At least 800.000 TL of annual turnover or,
  • Annual export is at least USD 250,000,
  • If the fee to be paid to the personnel is suitable for the work of the foreigner, etc. conditions are examined by the Ministry.

TIMAH Consultancy examines the documents of the employer and the foreigner before the application and makes the evaluation and informs about the eligibility of the application. Positive or negative probabilities which may occur after evaluation are discussed and applied. The first application is made for 1 year. In the following years, 2 and 3 year extensions can be made if the same employer is continued.

No work permit will be given to foreign personnel in housing other than those with Elderly and patient care and small children. It should be proved by a medical report that there is a need for care for those under 60 years of age. Male foreigners will not be allowed to work in residences except in cases requiring serious care. The Ministry does not permit foreign caregivers to work in case of sick, elderly and childless homes. In other words, only those applicants who will be applied to work in the household will not be allowed. For detailed information, please contact our experts.